Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #96

Other Ways to when Someone Grabs You

wingchun-res2015-079There are other ways to deal with someone who grabs your wrist. If they grab your right wrist with their right hand, turn your right hand into a Taan Sau 攤手 so that your fingers point towards his throat and then step forwards towards him. This will be strong enough to twist his arm and also make him lose his balance. We always use our whole body together with our footwork and this enables us to handle people stronger than us. In this situation we are similar in strength with our opponent.

If your opponent is much stronger, then you should use your elbow, and if they are so strong that you cannot use your Taan Sau, then you should not waste your energy as nothing will work, so instead you should just punch him with your other hand.

There is always a way, but the most important thing is to sense the attack as soon as possible and feel the opponent’s energy and position.

Even if he grabs your left hand with his right hand you can still use those techniques, but grabbing you like that this leaves them very open and you can easily hit him with you right hand. So when grabbing people’s hands it is better to cross over as it is safer.

Michael Tse

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