Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #97

Left Side First & Three Times

Note 80_3When we perform our Wing Chun forms we always begin on the left side and we perform many movements three times, but of course not all the movements. Some we do four times, but we always start on the left and most of the time, if we repeat techniques then we most commonly do them three times.

We should really say we start with the left hand first. Wing Chun focuses more on fighting at close range, but this does not mean we cannot fight at long range. When we are close to our opponent, then it is more common for our left hand to have to deal with our opponent’s right hand and the majority of people are right handed and so are stronger with their right hand than they are with their left hand. This means we need to train to make our left hand as good as our right hand. So we start with the left hand or train the left side first, and then we train the right hand or right side.

When we repeat techniques three times, as we start on the left, it means we will do the left twice and right once. So we do twice as many on the left and so the left hand will automatically be as good as the right hand. All students are taught this way and then their left hand becomes as good as their right hand and it is very rare for a student to be only good on one side. This is due to the balanced way in Wing Chun training.

Michael Tse

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