Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #67

The Second Fuk Sau伏手

Wing Chun hard and soft lap sauThere is another way of performing and using Fuk Sau伏手. This time we use the palm to lightly hold onto the opponent’s forearm. This Fuk Sau can be found in the second section of Siu Lim Tao after we do Double Tok Sau we turn the palms down and this is Fuk Sau. When we use the palms to hold the opponent’s forearm, it is because their arms are stronger and so we want to have more control. Some students like to hold on tightly and this is wrong. If you hold on tightly, then your opponent will know that you are scared and insecure. So they will attack you with their other hand, then you will hold on even tighter. Eventually they will get through to you because they do not need to think about the hand you are holding. It is the same situation if someone was to hold tightly onto your hands. This means they are insecure and do not want to let go. So when we use this Fuk Sau we must only hold very lightly, because then we can let go at any time. When we hold lightly our opponent might panic a little and make a mistake, then we can take advantage of it.

Michael Tse

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