Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #133

Chaan Geuk 鏟腳

In Tsum Kiu (Chahm Kiuh) 尋橋 there are two kinds of kicking techniques. The first is Chaan Geuk鏟腳 and the second is Dang Geuk蹬腳. We do Chaan Geuk when we are standing in Jyun Ma and holding Waahng Laahn Kuen. Chaan Geuk means shovel leg. The leg is like a shovel throwing soil from the ground into the air. The kicking leg lifts up from the ground, toes up, up to waist height. The leg should be straight all the way and the standing leg is also straight to support the kick. The Waahng Laahn Kuen is not part of the application. This kick is applied when somebody is coming towards us and so we kick up from the bottom hitting the opponent’s leg or lower part of the body with a ball of the foot. This is a very unusual kick. I have not seen any other style of martial arts use this kind of kick. I still remember when I learnt this kick from my Sifu, Ip Chun, he took me to face a wall and told me to use the Chaan Geuk on the wall. I kicked it and my leg hit the lower part of a wall and made a very loud noise. If I stood a little further away from the wall the kick was higher. We can imagine how much damage this kick would cause.

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