Wing Chun Chi Sau Day

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Residential Course

20-23 Apirl 2017, UK

Study the complete 8 Sections fo the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Form with Master Tse.

photo Master Tse teaching the Wooden DummyThe Wing Chun Wooden Dummy is a very special training method. Although there are other Kung Fu styles that have wooden dummy training, few of them are as sophisticated as the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy.  The Wooden Dummy hones your skill by correcting angles, polishing positioning and refining footwork. It also allows you to practise techniques that you cannot practise on a partner, for example kicking, Fa Ging. Each of its eight sections highlights certain techniques and teaches different aspects. Training is not meant to toughen your arms and so you are not supposed to hit it as hard as you can. Learnt correctly, the Wooden will bring your Wing Chun to a higher level. It is a must for all Wing Chun students, and not only that, it is also great fun.

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