Wing Chun Chi Sau DVD Vol. 1

Master Tse’s Wing Chun Chi Sau DVD Vol. 1 out now

Wing Chun Chi Sau Vol1: Basic Training & Principles

Wing Chun Kung Fu is now one of the most popular martial art skills around the world, first made famous by Bruce Lee and Grandmaster Ip Man. It is a fascinating skill that can be practised by men and women, young and old, small and large persons alike. However, in order to have good Wing Chun skill, one must develop the training skill called Chi Sau. This is a way of practising the different Wing Chun skills of hand and footwork techniques in a safe way with a partner. In this first volume, Master Michael Tse will instruct the correct opening stance and introduce Wing Chun’s basic three hands, Bong Sau, Fuk Sau and Taan Sau. Without the correct stance, then your Gong Lik (power) will not develop properly. If your hand positions are not correct, then it means you can easily be hit by your partner. These first two elements can be practised without a partner and will help to train the body to use these positions in a natural and relaxed way. Next, Master Tse will show you how to do Chi Sau with a partner, from single hand Chi Sau to double handed Chi Sau. This DVD will be of value and interest to any level of practitioner.

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