Wing Chun Chi Sau DVD Vol. 3

Master Tse’s Wing Chun Chi Sau DVD Vol. 3 out now

Wing Chun Chi Sau Vol. 2: Applications & Techniques

In this third programme of the series, Master Michael Tse introduces ten Wing Chun attacking hands. These are all hand techniques that we will find in Siu Lim Tao, the first form of Wing Chun. With each attacking skill, he includes two applications which are demonstrated from various angles, making it easier for you to practise with your partner. At the end of the programme, Master Tse randomly uses the previous techniques with his partner, including varied footwork and single and double hand Chi Sau. Master Michael Tse is a senior student of Grandmaster Ip Chun, the eldest son of legendary Great Grandmaster Ip Man. His over 40 years experience of not only Wing Chun but Qigong, Chun Yuen and Chen Taijiquan which gives him an additional understanding of how to use, control and divert energy which is vital to developing high level Wing Chun skill. He is able to open up the true essence of the skill and make it easier for everyone to learn, understand and with practice, one day master.

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