Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #165

Continuous Cùng  Kyun 冲拳

When training Wing Chun there are many techniques that we can repeat many times. However, most of the time I do not suggest that you use them more than three times, but there is one technique that you can use more than three times and that is Cùng  Kyun 冲拳 – punching. There is one important condition, you should only use it more than three times when you are winning. This means that your first Cùng  Kyun must hit your opponent and then you can continue to do so. So in a fight we might easily hit our opponent and once we have hit them we should continue to hit the same spot, which is usually the chest or the face. Usually after three Cùng  Kyun  the opponent will be knocked down. Once we are winning and have knocked down our opponent we should stop and not waist our energy. This is the principle of Wing Chun and is especially important if we are faced with more than one opponent.

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