Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 331

Ip Man 葉問 One Against Many Part 4

All the gangsters heard Ip Man demand an apology and the man who had spilt soup on Ip Chun began to laugh and then the rest of the gang joined in. Ip Man knew that these people would not take him seriously, so he quickly walked up to the man who had hurt his son and using Laap Géng 擸頸 (Grab the Neck) he grabbed his neck and at the same time kicked his knee. They man fell to his knees and he looked like he was bowing to apologise. Everyone was shocked! Some of the gang thought that their member was actually apologising, but others had seen that Ip Man had made him do that. Some of the gang knew some Kung Fu and this made them more powerful than ‘normal’ people and allowed them to bully the local people. Ip Man’s movement had been so fast that could not believe it!  Having gathered their thoughts, they began to attack. As one threw a punch, Ip Man just used Tāan Sáu 攤手 and Chūng Kyùhn 冲拳  and broke the gangster’s nose. Others began to attack Ip Man at the same time throwing punches and kicks, but Ip Man used his footwork to avoid their strikes and get close to them. One by one he dealt with each using combinations of Tāan Sáu, Bóng Sáu 膀手, Laap Sáu 擸手, Tok Sáu 托手, Dāng Geuk 蹬腳 and Jāk Geuk 側脚 until all the gangsters were lying on the floor bleeding and crying out in pain.

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