Wing Chun Story – Chapter 18

Wing Chun Story – Chapter 18

The room was very simple and bare. There was only a fire burning, but it was not bright enough to light and warm the room properly. And two people were slumped against the wall both tied to a piece of wood their hands were tied behind, they cannot move the body. One was Wong Wah Bo and the other was Leung Yee Tai. They were both bare chested and covered in blood and the signs of torture could be seen on their bodies. Though the room was quiet and still you could feel the fear in the air, and even the Qing soldiers guarding at the cell can feel it.

Xu Zhen Dong was sat on the bench resting after having tortured both his prisoners. As both have good Kung Fu training, Wong Wah Bo and Leung Yee Tai were tough enough to withstand his torture. When Xu Zhen Dong had demanded to know where the rebels were hiding, what are their plans and who they are? They have not told him anything, even when they were suffering. In the end Xu needed to take a rest.

Although Xu wanted them to tell him the rebels location and also what their plans were. Inside, he also admired their Kung Fu skill and wanted to turn them to his side so they could become spies for the government. For this reason he had not tortured then too hard yet. He was willing to do this but he wanted to find out whether he could change their minds first.

In Wong Wah Bo’s mind you realised that he had sacrificed himself, but he still had some hope, might be something will be happened. But Leung Yee Tai just accepted that this time he would die in prison. He did not mind as he had chosen his path and knew that this might happen. He always dislike the Qi Government took over the Ming Dynasty which belong to Han People.

Suddenly Xu Zheng Dong stood up and went to the fire and pulled out a red hot poker. The metal had been in the fire for a long time and its tip was glowing brightly in the dark room. All the guards in the room knew that Xu was serious and knew what he was going to use it for. They had seen it so many times before. Prisoners were scarred on their faces and bodies and nobody could withstand the pain and they would tell him whatever he demanded. Waving the red hot poker slowly in the air, Xu walked over to Wong Wah Bo and said to him, “This is your last chance, tell me where your people are hiding.” Wong Wah Bo just looked at him in the eyes and said with a smile, “I am cold, do you have something to warm you up with?” Xu was shocked and also angry. He was used to his prisoners being scared to death on the red hot poker and many even wet themselves in terror. Wong Wah Bo was an unusual person, he was not afraid.

Wong Wah Bo’s Qi was very strong, he was full of energy and this had made his body powerful. When someone is full of Qi, they have no fear. Life and death are all part of the same journey and so they is nothing to fear. When bad things come they smile and face it, and when good things come they treat them as normal and do not get too excited about it. Therefore Chinese say, “A high of skill makes a person brave.” This means they have no fear and so they can fight even against many enemies.

Traditional Chinese Kung Fu training always involves calmness, relaxation, internal training and Qigong training. These will change a person’s personality, even making them wiser and able to see things clearly. They might not be highly educated in school, but their attitude, nature and spirit will often be stronger and looks like a highly educated person. Chinese education teaches children to have better natures and spirit. Even Kung Fu training that will be affected their nature as it will build up a lot of Qi.

Wong Wah Bo had that level, and therefore was not afraid of Xu Zhen Dong’s torture methods. Leung Yee Tai was physically much stronger but not as calm as Wong, but he had the same spirit and so felt no fear. For now he just observed and kept himself quiet.

Xu brought the red hot metal tip closer to Wong Wah Bo’s chest, this time he was going to brand him and see how tough he really was. Suddenly to his own surprise, Xu dropped the poker, he did not know why, then he felt some liquid running down from his wrist. Xu Zhen Dong looked at it. In the dim light it looked red, it was blood! At dart was sticking out of his wrist. He was confused where had it come from? A sudden sound from his guards distracted him and when he looked around he found them all lying on the ground unconscious. Standing over them where three men dressed in plain black clothes and their faces were covered so only their eyes could be seen.

Xu realised that the three men must have a high level of Kung Fu. They had attacked him and his guards without anyone even noticing. It would be hard to fight them off as there were three of them. While he was thinking he suddenly became aware of a hand attacking his left temple (the Tai Yang point on that point is very vulnerable), he began to raise his left hand to block it, but the attack was too fast. He felt a sudden pain in his left temple and then felt nothing.

When Xu woke up pain shot through his head and body. He was still lying on the floor of the prison cell. He did not know how long he had been there. Of course the prisoners were gone, but all other guards were still lying where they had fallen. He understood he had woken up first as his Qi was stronger than the others and so he recovered more quickly. He pulled himself up and then revived the guards. None of them were seriously injured; they had just been knocked unconscious.

Xu knew the enemy was very powerful, fast and had a very high level of Kung Fu skills. He had always considered himself to be good, his broadsword was very high level and only his own teacher, Master Zi Wei from Wudang Mountain was better. Xu realised he needed to ask his Sifu for help. This would make him lose face and his Sifu would be upset that he had been beaten. Inside Xu felt the shame of defeat, but at the same time he felt happy and began to laugh. He would be at his Sifu’s side and his Sifu was so good, no one is better than his Sifu, now those rebels were in trouble! His laugher grew louder and louder.

To be continued…

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